Testing and Inspection


Our experienced and highly trained Quality department is dedicated to monitoring the complete product life cycle from Incoming Inspection of Materials, through strict In-Process Inspection practices to Final Pallet Inspections, to ensure conformity to both regulatory & customer requirements.

Our ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management system promotes continual improvement to ensure we can not only compete but we can challenge the best.

At Moll Industries Ireland Ltd, we strive to manufacture all our products to the highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction and continued customer loyalty.

Our Quality Inspector carrying out Visual Routine Inspections

Testing & Inspection

We take the processes of Testing & Inspecting as a whole in our company in order to provide the best possible service when having produced products for our customers.

Our company inspects our components on the Micro Vu Vision system. With this system, each component has its own unique fixture in which it goes through an in house Gauge Reproduciblity and Repeatability study prior to daily measurements been carried out. The Micro Vu Vision system provides speed and accuracy when measuring components which helps us to cover a quick turn over of work orders to meet monthly targets. You can see all benefits of our visual system in the Latest News/Blog Tab at the top of our Home Page.

Below are some images of the techniques we use when Testing & Inspecting components:

Micro Vu System measuring our components

Micro Vu System measuring our components

Our Project Engineer visually inspecting the components while been produced.

Our Project Engineer visually inspecting the components while been produced.