“2015Year of Growth & Success”

What a year it has been for all at Moll Industries Ireland. 2015 has seen the business grow and prosper in ways that only factors such as hard work and dedication have started to pay off.

The company won over additional International Customers which resulted in us delivering products to both the Philippines and India. As well as achieving a wider International base, we were successful in winning the supply of extra products to some of our existing customers.

The demand for the extra production resulted in a 15% increase in employment in 2015.  Moll Industries Ireland now runs a 24 hour, seven days a week operation.

The knock on affects of the above shows significantly as we now produce over 5 million components per week, this is an increase of 65% in quantities produced in a week since the MBO in 2010. As the quantities grow the demand for new machines is inevitable so in July of this year the company purchased a new Demag Ergotech 200-610 Injection Moulding Machine to add to the Production Floor.

In October, the company was short-listed as one of the Ulster Finalists in the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards 2015.

We at Moll Industries Ireland always strive to achieve great things and to look back at 2015 the company can only be proud of what was achieved. We are excited to finish 2015 with such achievements and look forward to another successful year in 2016.


 “2014– Achieved 100% Deliveries On Time to all our customers”

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”